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Ep #33: Understanding Malpractice Insurance Options with the AANA’s John Fetcho

August 8, 2019

Protecting yourself should be a priority for every CRNA and often times it’s easy to think that you’re already covered. But there are many options to consider with malpractice insurance, from the policy type to the company that you purchase the policy through. John Fetcho, Director of AANA Insurance Services, joins us to these differences and clear up any misconceptions we might have.

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Take a look at the rundown for this episode:

1:40 – Welcome John Fetcho – Director of AANA Insurance Services

2:47 – Why is this topic of malpractice insurance so important?

4:50 – You want to understand who is insuring you and what coverage you have.

7:16 – Occurrence coverage vs claims made

10:45 – The two types of insurance companies: Admitted and Non-Admitted

14:30 – When CRNA is involved in a claim, 100% of the time there are legal expenses.

15:28 – How can you find ratings for insurance companies?

17:51 – Insurance policies aren’t created equally. There are significant differences.

20:39 – Are moonlighting policies still available?

21:42 – A real-life story about a how a supplemental policy could have made a huge difference.

24:26 – How the policy premiums different state to state.

30:00 – AANA is there as a resource for members.

31:11 – AANA premiums for CRNAs have gone down 33% since they began.