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Ep 86: Pro Arguments for Keeping AANA Region Director Structure in Place

July 27, 2020

As the debate over whether the AANA should make the region director positions an at-large vote or maintain the current structure, we wanted to help present both sides of the debate. On this episode, we’re joined by Sallie Poepsel. MSN, PhD, CRNA, Julie Linton, MSN, CRNA, and Nick Blank, CRNA, MSN, APN, to hear why region directors should represent the area in which they live. The issue will be voted on Saturday, August 15, 2020. 


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Today's show schedule: 

2:06 – Background on what we’re talking about.

2:55 – Our guests today.

4:07 – Julie Linton provides background on the issue.

8:44 – Wouldn’t at-large directors provide better qualified candidates?

11:57 – How a change could disenfranchise smaller states.

14:14 – Explaining how at-large voting would work.

18:19 – Nick shares an example from Region 1

21:13 – The perceived problem of regional leadership development.

26:17 – If there are a lot of great leaders out there, why aren’t they running already?

29:59 – If you abolish the current system, how assignments determined?

33:32 – Recommendation for requirements and qualifications to run.

36:49 – The one point of concern for everyone working on this issue.

38:48 – Nick adds to Julie’s point about one region or state having the majority of directors.

41:53 – Why are we going back to undo something that was voted on?

44:41 – Should the AANA function more as a business than it currently does?

47:19 – Making diversity a priority.