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Ep 66: Nursing & Public Policy: Why Nurses Need to Be Involved with Lt. Governor of Delaware

March 26, 2020

Nursing continues to grow its presence in politics and no one represents those achievements better than Bethany Hall-Long. The Lt. Governor of Delaware became the first nurse in the country to hold that esteemed position and she joins the show today to talk about the importance of being involved and having a voice in policy-making.


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Today's rundown: 

1:44 – We’re excited to welcome Bethany Hall-Long on the show.

2:19 – Bethany gives us a little background on herself and career.  

4:15 – The Coronavirus shows why it’s so important to having the calming voices of nurses in the policy-making world.

5:30 – Sharon begins the conversation with a story about connecting with Bethany.

6:44 – Where did Bethany’s interest in a political career come from?

9:32 – Take us back to your first election and what lessons you learned from that?

14:09 – Why should nurses be involved in policy?

16:11 – What are some of the risks when nurses aren’t at the table?

19:02 – If no one is speaking for nurses, who will?

20:04 – We’re seeing examples of this with COVID-19.  

21:44 – Nurses seem to have the makeup to be strong leaders. Why don’t they run very often?

25:31 – Bethany will be joining the candidate school for nurses at Yale.

29:08 – If you could choose another profession, what would it be?

32:19 – Bethany leaves us with one final message.