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Ep 65: The Road to State Presidency with Sharon Pearce, Jackie Rowles, Tracy Castleman & Carole Doyscher

March 19, 2020

Have you ever aspired to be the association president in your state but aren’t completely sure how to get there? We brought together four former state presidents for a roundtable discussion on the path to reach that position. We’ll talk about the traits you need, the importance of getting involved, and what everyone gained from the experience.  


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Today's show rundown: 

2:25 – A Facebook message sparked the idea for this episode.

2:58 – Former presidents Jackie Rowles, Tracy Castleman & Carole Doyscher join us today.

4:03 – What’s the first step on that path to presidency?

5:48 – Carole feels finding a mentor is very important.  

6:36 – Tracy was a big part of the AANA’s mentorship program getting started.

8:19 – Jackie shares her perspective on what it takes to rise up.

9:51 – If a young CRNA wants to get involved, what should that first step be?

11:41 – The women discus character traits they’ve seen from leaders.

15:48 – You have to be able to identify someone that can come up behind you and be your replacement.  

17:04 – There’s a sacrifice to be made when you take a leadership position.  

19:22 – What resources do we have at the AANA level?

23:06 – How do you prepare for issues?

25:04 – Carole shares her point of view working in a small state like South Dakota.

27:44 – Teamwork is important and finding a great lobbyist is crucial

28:45 – As a president in a state, what exactly do you do?  

30:56 – Remember that you are a representative the entire profession.

32:04 – Summarizing what everyone feels about the role of the president.

33:37 – What did each woman get out of taking the president role in their state?