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Ep 62: Hey Smart Mamas - Balancing Motherhood with a CRNA Career

February 27, 2020

The three women behind the Scrub Caps & Sippy Cups podcast joins us to talk about the personal side of the profession. Being a mother is such a difficult job on its own but then you add in a CRNA career and it can be a struggle at times. You’re not alone! Let’s speak candidly about the challenges and how we can lean on each other for support.


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Today's rundown: 

1:33 – Jeremy and Sharon use Facebook Live today. 

1:55 – Sharon is excited about this topic. She’s been talking about this for months.

2:38 – Welcome CRNAs Crystal, Ellen, and Laci from the Scrub Caps & Sippy Cups podcast.

2:49 – Laci shares her background as a CRNA.   

3:50 – Ellen tells us about growing up in the Ukraine, her career, and family. 

4:54 – Crystal shares her background.  

7:28 – Why is this subject so important and what made you start this podcast? 

8:23 – Social media has allowed moms from all over the country to connect with each and support one another. 

9:52 – All three ladies live in different states and time zones. Have they been able to meet face to face yet?

12:56 – What was your biggest misconception about parenting? 

13:52 – What was Crystal most unprepared for when becoming a parent?

14:33 – The difficulty of breastfeeding explained to Jeremy. 

16:52 – Jeremy stirs it up with another question about breastfeeding.  

18:34 – There’s so much external guilt placed upon moms to breastfeed. 

20:13 – Mom-judging goes both ways, too. 

21:26 – Let’s talk about the difficulty of making a marriage work on top of everything else. 

24:38 – Crystal talks about the issues and challenges of marriage with kids and a career.

25:20 – The subject of love language comes up and some of us share ours. 

27:19 – The discussion of laundry and husbands takes over. 

29:40 – What do you make time for to take care of yourself?

33:06 – It’s important to maintain your own identity. 

35:28 – Here’s where you can find the ladies and connect with them. 

36:10 – Final thoughts from the ladies. 


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