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Ep 60: Courage to Lead – Sandy Ouellette Reflects on Year as AANA President

February 13, 2020

Our latest installment of the ‘Courage to Lead’ series features Sandy Ouellette, CRNA, who was president of the AANA in 1989. We go back in time to reflect on her long list of accomplishments from that year and beyond. Sandy played a key role in Medicare reimbursement, the IFNA’s creation, and AANA insurance and she looks back on each of these and more.  


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Today's Rundown: 

2:18 – One of our favorites is in studio with us today, Sandy Ouellette.

2:47 – Sandy takes us back through her year as AANA president.

3:42 – A list of achievements in 1989.

6:52 – ‘Sandyisms’

7:45 – What was the role of the board of directors and Medicare reimbursement that year?

9:51 – It takes a village to make these changes.  

10:28 – TEFRA and how ratios were agreed upon.

12:18 – Some history on the formation of IFNA

16:03 – AANA insurance celebrated 30 years in 2019. Why was it formed and what was the purpose of that?  

18:53 – The insurance has also created some additional benefits.  

19:21 – Sandy describes the replica dividend check she received which shows how much has been given back to the AANA.

21:17 The College Bowl has become a special event.

23:16 – Sandy shares the trade publications that have made a big impact on the industry and how history will be documented moving forward.

27:58 – What are the most valuable leadership lessons Sandy learned during her year in office?

30:05 – As this new generation of CRNAs takes over, what message would you like to get across to them?

32:05 – We need to use the power of social media for good.

34:10 – Sandy wouldn’t change her career path if given another opportunity.

36:00 – One final message from Sandy.