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Ep 59: Legislative and Regulatory Issues CRNAs Face with Anna Polyak

February 6, 2020

It can be challenging enough for CRNAs to keep up with their own responsibilities each day so we understand how difficult it is to stay updated on changing legislation and regulatory issues. Did you know the AANA can be a huge resource for you? We brought on Senior Director of State Government Affairs Anna Polyak, RN, JD, to tell us about where the organization is focused and what they’re doing to help CRNAs.


Show notes and additional resources 


About the guest: 

Ms. Polyak is the Senior Director of State Government Affairs and Legal at the AANA’s where she works closely with state associations of nurse anesthetists to remove barriers to CRNA practice to assure that CRNAs can practice to the full extent of their training and education.  Ms. Polyak received her BSN and JD from Loyola University Chicago.  Prior to joining the AANA in April 2011, she worked as the Corporate Compliance attorney for a national long-term care company and served as the Associate Chief Counsel for the Illinois Department of Public Health. Prior to starting her legal career, Ms. Polyak practiced as an operating room nurse.


Today's rundown: 

2:21 – Welcome our guest today, Anna Polyak, RN, BSN, JD

3:15 – Let’s begin by talking about the legislative and regulatory things that CRNAs face and who regulates our practice.

4:46 – Why is this topic so important right now for CRNAs?

5:33 – What are some of the AANA goals have related to CRNA practice and scope of practice?

6:41 – Are all CRNAs under the board of nursing in all states?

7:43 – Anna explains the tracking service tool the AANA offers.

9:53 – Let’s talk about how CRNAs are regulated at the state level.

10:53 – AANA members can use the group to get help understanding the regulations.

11:55 – They look at these basic areas and focus attention here.

12:55 – How states can opt out from the federal supervision requirement.  

15:40 – Most members don’t know about this added value resource.  

18:35 – What states are going through certain issues currently that the AANA is spending time on?

19:17 – AANA is rolling out a pilot program in Oklahoma, Alabama, and Arkansas.

23:00 – What advice would you have for practicing CRNAs right now and what can they do to keep things moving forward?

25:42 – Sharon’s experience building relationships with legislatures in North Carolina.  

26:50 – Educating your facility administrator can also be very helpful. 

29:46 – What do you say to the CRNAs that don’t want to get involved beyond the day-to-day responsibilities of the job?

32:37 – Does Anna have any predictions about how the landscape might change in the coming years?

33:50 – Anna is in the middle of organizing a charity race.