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Ep 55: How Smart Leaders Prepare for an Unknown Future with Calvin Stovall

January 9, 2020

The healthcare industry, much like the world around us, is full of uncertainty. How comfortable are you with the potential for change? Today we talk with keynote speaker Calvin Stovall about actions and principles you can apply to your life to help you continue to grow and perform at a high level.


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Today's rundown: 

1:50 – Our guest today is Calvin Stovall.

4:36 – What can a person do to prepare for uncertainty?

5:43 – Widen your circle to become a better person.

7:01 – What keeps people from stepping out of their comfort zone and meeting new people?

8:51 – We aren’t taught how to fail. How does someone move forward after failing?

11:16 – Putting this podcast together was stepping out for us and a big learning experience.

12:07 – What Sharon would tell her children when things weren’t going well.  

12:59 – You should never stop learning. It’s a big part of being successful.

15:31 – What do you tell people that are scared to step out of their comfort zone?

17:58 – Do you know how much the average attention span has changed since 1980?

20:52 – What Sharon does every year to challenge herself.

22:27 – Calvin has a mastermind group that meets every quarter.

24:41 – How can take that entrepreneurial spirit and apply it to the CRNA industry?

26:29 – The book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ talks about mastermind groups.

28:20 – Why Calvin’s favorite word is passion.

31:12 – What final message would Calvin like to leave for listeners?

32:34 – How to get in touch with Calvin.