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Ep 51: Ronald Caulk, CRNA - An Agent For Global Change

December 12, 2019

Ronald Caulk poured more than 50 years of his life into being a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist and his impact on the profession can still be felt today. Among his lifetime of achievements was his determination to have CRNAs around the world recognized for the work they do. Today we’ll look back at his life and his legacy with Sandy Ouellette, CRNA.


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On This Episode: 

1:59 – Sandy Ouellette back in the studio with us today to discuss Ronald Caulk.

2:37 – Who was Ronald Caulk and what did he accomplish?

5:02 – Most of his level of service at the state level was with the Arizona Association of Nurse Anesthetists.

6:09 – He had many AANA contributions.

7:10 – The establishment of the council on recertification and how he ended up meeting his wife Susan Smith.

10:13 – How did Sandy and Ron get involved together?

10:42 – They began working very closely when the idea of the IFNA began.

12:40 – How the IFNA formed.

15:22 – One of Ronald Caulk’s most memorable experiences happened on a trip to Ghana.

17:47 – Tell us about his contributions to the AANA and IFNA.

21:18 – Sandy tells a story about a time they visited North Carolina and Sandy’s jeep got stuck on the beach.

26:02 – How will Ron be remembered?