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Ep 47: How Legal Cases Have Shaped the CRNA Industry

November 14, 2019

We were on location at the North Carolina Association of Nurse Anesthetists and wanted to get a historical perspective on CRNAs. With the help of past AANA presidents Sandy Ouellette and Nancy Maree, we take a look back at the important battles fought and won by nurse anesthetists through the years that help shape the way our industry operates today.


Full show notes: 


On today's show: 

1:37 – We’re recording live from the North Carolina Association of Nurse Anesthetists meeting.

1:51 – Two popular guests, Nancy Marie and Sandy Ouellette, join the show.

2:37 – Sandy highlights some of the past challenges that will help CRNA’s unite and fight future issues.

3:12 – Background on Frank vs South and why that decision is still important today.

5:04 – The next important case involved Dagmar Nelson in the 1930s.

6:34 – The road to reimbursement was a 7-year process in the 1980s.  

7:50 – How the ANA helped turn around the industry when it began dying out in late 80s.

9:25 – The ongoing issue of federal supervision of nurse anesthetists in Medicare. Why we need to remove it and what role states are playing.  

13:31 – ANA threw their support behind antitrust cases.

18:06 – Antitrust fights still go on today.

19:24 – Nancy explains the antitrust and fraud case against Twin City Hospitals in 2004 and what came from it.

23:42 – What role has the ASA played in all of the challenges and crises the industry has faced?

26:30 – The recent Anesthesia Care Team statement and why many believe it’s restrictive.

29:13 – What can ANA members do today to help the association succeed and remain strong moving forward?

30:36 – Why membership is so important for ANA.

32:24 – New students and new graduates seem to be the biggest hole in membership.

36:20 – Can the ANA be listening to members better? Here are issues they have spoken out on.

40:24 – Jeremy’s perspective as an outside on the membership issue.

44:11 – Final thoughts from Sandy on why it’s such a great time to be a CRNA.