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Ep #36: First Impressions – How to Prepare for Your Interview with Laura Ardizzone, CRNA

August 29, 2019

Whether you’re looking for that first CRNA job or you're a veteran in the industry, the interview process can be stressful. It’s easy to question yourself and your preparation. That’s why we wanted to bring on a guest from one of the country’s top medical centers to give you an inside look at the interview process and share tips to help you land your next job.

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Show Notes:

2:17 – Introducing our guest Laura Ardizzone

5:46 – What we’re talking about today: CRNA job interviews

7:10 – What are some of the skills and strategies of the interviewer?

9:16 – Be confident that your future employer has seen your social media posts.

10:00 – Some companies/hospitals utilize software to cull social media feeds.

11:28 – Social media works both ways and employers are often reviewed by candidates.

12:52 – CRNAs are in high demand right now. 

13:46 – Resources that can help you prepare for an interview.

15:00 – What types of questions are off-limits?

15:50 – Jeremy shares a funny interview story.

17:02 – A surprising thing that candidates have told Laura.

18:58 – How long does a typical interview last?

19:42 – A question that Laura commonly likes to ask to gauge the interview direction.

20:32 – Should CRNA’s ask about time off during an interview?

21:45 – How should you dress for an interview?

22:36 – How and when should a candidate follow up after an interview?

24:30 – What if you haven’t heard back for a while?

25:40 – Have you ever hired someone that turned out to be completely different than expected?

26:25 – Final words of wisdom from Laura.