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Ep 143: A Complete Look Into the AANA Doctoral Task Force with Sandy Ouellette, CRNA

August 26, 2021

Back in 2006, the AANA Board of Directors appointed a Doctoral Task Force to explore the future direction in nurse anesthesia education. Sandy Ouellette was chosen to co-chair the task force and help lead those discussions that would shape the future for CRNAs. Today she joins us to provide an inside look at how it was composed, the original purpose and process, and all of the options were on the table.


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What we discuss on this episode:

2:07 – Welcome back Sandy  

4:37 – Events that led to the task force

6:59 – Move to university-based graduate programs

9:00 – What happened in 2004  

11:56 – Summit meeting in 2005 to create the Task Force

13:27 – Start of the Task Force

16:33 – Who was appointed to the Task Force?  

20:06 – Responsibilities given to the task force

21:49 –  The options they had to decide on

23:59 – Board adopts a position

25:51 – Thoughts behind the options the discussing

32:17 – Option 2 discussed  

35:58 – Option 3

38:30 – Option 4  

43:36 – Cautionary tales she would share with other directors

49:39 – Lightning Round