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Ep 129: Given 6 Months to Live: Healthcare Policy from the Patient’s Perspective

May 20, 2021

You won’t find many people on this planet that have a story to tell like Nick Zerwas. Born with congenital heart defect, Zerwas has been given six months to live on six separate occasions but he’s still here living life to the fullest. Who better to get an opinion on healthcare policy changes than someone like Zerwas, who has also served in the Minnesota House of Representatives? Join us as we hear his amazing story of beating the odds and how he’s overcoming his greatest fear of wasting precious time by trying to make a difference.


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What we discuss on this episode: 

3:23 – Introducing our guest today

5:32 – Nick’s health history

10:26 – Surviving the Fontan procedure

13:01 – Being told 6 months left to live multiple times

16:00 – Julie interviewed for anesthesia school

19:57 – How has this shaped Nick

25:44 – His decision to run for public office at 25 

28:40 – Health policy

32:34 – CRNA’s role in policy-making

36:48 – Pitting people against each other

40:22 – What is important to all elected officials?

43:15 – How effective are emails?

43:15 – Closing thoughts

50:03 – Lightning round