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Ep 128: How CRNAs Can Protect Their Greatest Asset: Yourself

May 13, 2021

It’s easy to assume that your employer insurance coverage will protect you during a catastrophic event, but that’s not necessarily the case. To truly cover your greatest asset as a CRNA, which is yourself and your ability to earn a living, a personal disability insurance policy can be a life saver. Today we talk with BrightThink Wealth Strategies insurance specialists Robert and Kyle Smith, who specialize in working with CRNAs, to learn about the why this coverage is so critical.


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What we discuss on this episode: 

2:01 – Welcome our guests today

3:23 – What we’re talking about today

4:10 – Background on Robert and Kyle

5:03 – The companies that offer disability insurance

7:26 – Do you have adequate coverage through your employer?

11:56 – Have an emergency fund

14:37 – What if anesthesia is the cause of your disability?

17:01 – Understanding your employer policy

19:01 – How does age effect your policy?

24:05 – Financial planning process

25:19 – Plans for 1099 vs W-2

30:04 – Story about someone that didn’t insure

33:21 – Advantages of working with BrightThink Wealth

36:23 – How to get in touch with Robert and Kyle

38:33 – Lightning Round